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Rabbi Morris
Young Israel Southfield
Rabbi Morris
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Matan B’seter has the opportunity to provide financial assistance to the full array of individuals and families of our community. From single parents to large families, and from those unable to work due to a medical emergency or age to those who just lost their, sometimes well-paying, jobs. Almost every day someone turns to Matan B’Seter with a desperate need for financial help and we are privileged to be the messengers to pass along the funds donated by someone like yourself.

Part of the beauty of Matan B’Seter is in how friends and neighbors are paired together in complete discreetness helping each other in difficult financial times. It is this very concept on which we based this campaign with the goal of matching the number of people in our community giving continued supporter to those that receive support.

Why are we running this campaign now? As we see costs rising and the increasing size of our community our recipients and their needs are growing. We reviewed what we are currently able to provide and determined that it must be raised in order to provide a more meaningful assistance. We set a goal to raise the average amount of assistance we provide by 36%. This means that we will need to raise an additional $160,000 this year to meet our projected budget of $606,560.

If you would consider becoming a supporter by giving any amount, even just $5, it would bring our goal of providing a more meaningful assistance even closer. Additionally, it is the ideal form of Tzedakah and every cent goes out to those in need. Even a modest donation of a few dollars every month can create a significant impact in the stability and comfort to those navigating through difficult times.
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