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Let me tell you about the Matan B'Seter Detroit Hockey Showdown -

I will soon be taking part in the Hockey Showdown, a game to benefit Matan B'Seter Detroit (MBD). The two teams are made up of local players who will be competing to raise funds for MBD.

MBD assists families and individuals in financial emergencies. Whether it's a surprise major expense or just a rough financial period, MBD helps them obtain the basics that they need to get through.

Every dollar that comes in goes out to provide aid to our friends and neighbors and helps them cover their basic expenses.

Please support me, my team, and our community and help MBD continue it's critical work.

Thank you - Solomon


Solomon Radner has raised $954.13 so far!
Help me raise another $845.87 to reach my $1800 goal



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B&D Sherizen$36.00
Chesky Weinberger$100.00
joann drasnin$37.17
Nate and Dahlia Gardin Family$100.00
Daniel Radner$8.54
Chaim Radner$102.61
Avi Adler$102.61
Naftali Abraham$18.00
Moshe Radner$102.61
Miriam Gartenberg$36.00
Kalman Sherizen$51.48
Aryeh Sherizen$50.00
devorah katz$103.63
Chana Sherizen$54.00
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