Matanos L'evyonim & Maos Chittim

Besides having the mitzvah of listening to the Megillah, Purim is when we focus on caring for those around us, epitomized with a special mitzvah to give graciously to others on Purim day. To help those in need, and to help you fulfill your mitzvah of matanos l’evyonim in the best fashion, MBD discreetly distributes funds on Purim day to the many people in desperate need in our community.

Pesach follows a month later, and, as we all know, the cost of making a basic Yom Tov can be difficult for even a financially stable family; for those that are just getting by, it can be devastating.

Properly enjoying the coming Yomim Tovim knowing that people and families around you are able to relax and enjoy Yom Tov as well is an empowering feeling. Assist Matan B’Seter in bringing the joy of simchas yom tov to everyone in our community.


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for me to those in need on Purim day.

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 to fulfill the mitzvah of maos chittim.

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